Sunday, September 9, 2012

hello, SALADBOX!!! ♥

Have you heard about the Glossy Box?
It's a beauty subscription wherein you'll pay a monthly subscription, then they will send you different products from makeup to skincare, to perfumes and such..

I have been watching beauty gurus based in the US wherein they vlog about opening their monthly box..

Being a makeup enthusiast, I have always been envious of that concept. I have been hoping & praying that soon, we Filipinos will have our own version.

And then, yesterday, my dreams & prayers have been granted!!!

May I present to you the SALADBOX!!!

Basically, you have to visit their website, click the join button, enter your email address, wait for their reply, and voila! You're almost done! ☺

*once you clicked the Join Now button this message should appear*

The subscription will cost you PHP 500.00 a month.
But you can also avail the 6-month or the 12-month subscription for 
PHP 2,700.00 (you will save PHP300.00) and
PHP 5,000.00 (you will have 2 months free save PHP1000.00) respectively.

Saladbox actually launched their website just last night, September 8, 2012.
Well, I signed up immediately! hehe.. ^_^
So, yeah! A while ago, I received my email confirmation, wherein in stated that a slot is reserved for me!

Now, all I have to do is wait a little longer for them to email me more info!

That's it!!!
Go ahead and check their websiteFacebook page and Twitter account for more info and updates!

Smile always and Stay beautiful


  1. nice concept. it's doable for makeup stuff. i just hope it worked the same for boy toys :p

    like, "WOOT, this month's giveaway is a Canon EOS 650D! WOOT last month, it was an nVidia GeForce GTX 680!" something like that :p

    1. LOL that would be awesome!!! ☺
      wooohhhh! If there's going to be like what you said, my gosh!
      I'll definitely join! But it'll cost a fortune! haha!

      if only some billionaire will think about that.. hahaha!


  2. everyone's been talking about this!!!! :P

    1. yes!!!
      well, it's the first here in the Philippines.
      So, expect it to be a hit! ☺
      I just hope, they'll send good stuffs. ♥

      thanks for dropping by!



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