Friday, March 23, 2012

Cracking/Shatter Nail Polish

Hey Dolls! :) It's been, what, 2weeks since my last post. So, here's one for all of you... <3

Here's my short review on my BarryM cracking nail effects & Beauty UK shatter polishes. I hope you all like it & find it helpful.. ^_^

L-R: Beauty UK Shatter Polish in GOTH, PUNK, GLAM ROCK
& Barry M Instant Cracking Nail Effect in GOLD GLITTER

These babies I purchased online on a very reasonable price from Hoopsandloops. :)

One thing about these nail polishes, you need to apply a base nail polish(any Nail Polish you have) before applying this Shatter/Cracking nail polishes.

i used these NYX Girls Polishes as base
L-R: Black, Pimp my Nail, Bloody Mary, Mermaid Green 
And so, I went ahead and applied 2 coatings of these NYX Nail Polishes i have.
(I will be doing a separate post/review on these nail polishes in the future.. hehehe.. ^_^)

***The thing is, you should let the base polishes to be totally dry before applying the shatter/cracking polishes to avoid the base to smudge when the cracking polishes are being applied.

After the base polishes are quite dry, I applied these shatter/cracking polishes.

  • The first one is the BarryM Instant Nail Effect in GOLD GLITTER. Yes, it is really gold..haha!
    I applied this on top of the NGP(nyx girl polish) in Black. As you can see, the cracks are big & chunky, that is because I applied a thick amount(two-three coatings) of the nail polish. If you want to achieve small cracks, apply single coat of the polish. ^_^

  • Second is BeautyUK Shatter Polish in PUNK. The color is HOT PINK & other call it Neon Pink & it's semi-matte which I super love!!!
    I applied it on top the NGP Pimp my Nail (Neon Green in color).
    Look how pretty the outcome is!!! :)
    I applied single coat of this shatter polish, hence the small cracks. ^_^

  • Third, Beauty UK Shatter Polish in GOTH. It's semi-matte like the PUNK one but this one is my favorite because the color is very versatile & I can use this on top of any of my nail polishes.. ^_^
    For this post, I applied 2 coats of this polish on top of my NGP BloodyMary which is Red in color.
    **For me, this color is prettier when applied lightly with small cracks. :)

  • Lastly, Beauty UK Shatter Polish in GLAM ROCK. I applied this one on top of my NGP Mermaid Green.
    What can I say about this one? Urgh! This frustrates me!!! Seriously.
    I have been trying & re-applying this polish for a while now & always get the same results, even when applied lightly or thickly.
    Look at the picture. It cracks ever so lightly like nothing is happening. :( I don't know what's wrong with this one. 

VERDICT: These polishes are great addition to every girls' kikay kit, especially the Pink & Black ones because those are the most versatile. :) These polishes when applied right and combined with right colors for base will give your nails that extra umph. ;)
and if you are bored with your plain nail polishes, why don't you give these a try? ^_^

That's it!!! I hope you all enjoyed reading my post. :)
Don't hesitate to comment down below for your questions and/or suggestions. :)

Smile always & stay beautiful!


Thursday, March 8, 2012

Cerro Qreen Brush Set

Hey everyone! J
I'm going to make a review on Cerro Qreen 7pc brush set which I received last March 1st that I bought online for Php500 plus shipping. These are really cheap travel size brushes.

This is going to be my first product review so I hope you'll find it helpful. J

Here we go.... ^_^

FIRST IMPRESSION: The COLOR!!! It's in Purple, so girly and fun! The handle is pearly-off-white colored wood and the ferrule is stainless, in the color lilac. And because of its cheap price, I expected it to be, well, not good. But man!!! I'm glad I was wrong. J

It has a Purple Pouch with Purple Ribbon and 7 brushes:

  1. Powder/Blush Brush
  2. Big Eyeshadow Brush
  3. Small Eyeshadow Brush
  4. Angled Liner/Brow Brush
  5. Lip Brush
  6. Flat Liner Brush
  7. Eye Smudge Brush


***This is the softest brush of the bunch. The brush itself is also in PURPLE. How cool is that? Haha!
Anyway, this one is made of goat hair, it is dense enough and picks up product easily that makes this brush perfect for patting products onto the apples of the cheeks & for contouring the cheeks, temples, hairline & jawline because of its size. I have also tried this with my loose powder and it did a great job! This brush is really versatile.. ^_^

I have washed this twice now, and it didn't bled nor shed.

Cerro Qreen Powder Brush in comparison with Marionnaud N30 Powder Brush


***Eyeshadow Brush ---- This eyeshadow brush is one of the densest yet soft eyeshadow brushes that I own. It is roughly a centimeter wide, slightly tapered, ideal for applying eye shadow all over the lids, made from pony hair which you can also use wet for more vibrant eye shadow application.

***Small Eyeshadow Brush ---- This brush is just a small version of the Eyeshadow brush but has a rounded tip. It is more or less two/thirds of the other eyeshadow brush and a bit thinner. The bristles are shorter and densely packed, also made of pony hair.

What I really love about these brushes are its capability to pick up products well, yet when I wash it, the products are easily washed-off.
It doesn't bleed, but I am afraid that these brushes shed a bit. :((


***This brush is ideal for filling the brow and/or lining the lash line. The brush is made of fiber and yes, it stiff yet very soft.
I haven't actually used this one yet, but I'm very positive that this brush will serve its purpose. ^_^


***Oh! This one is adorable!!! This brush is made of fiber, it's really thin, stiff and tapered that I ended up using this every single time I apply cream/gel liner. With this brush, I can precisely line my eyes the way I want like a pro! ^_^



***This brush comes with a plastic protector. I would prefer it to have a really decent cover instead of the plastic one, but it'll do. :) I haven't actually used this brush, but it looks good with its bristles so soft and tapered.


***This is not actually a brush per se. It is a hard sponge-like tip, usually use to smudge, hence the name, products such as pencil liners, etcetera.
I haven't tried this yet, but for, this brush is not a necessity when it comes to applying makeup, because merely my fingers or a q-tip can do its job. (But, hey, it's me; some may find this tool very effective. Why don't you try it yourself then let me know your thoughts about it.) ^_^


  1. it's PURPLE! :D
  2. Really cheap for only Php500 for 7 different tools.
  3. The brushes are really soft, especially the Powder/Blush brush.
  4. Very compact & lightweight, very ideal for travelling.
  5. Does not bleed
  6. Easy to wash.


  1. Eye shadow brushes shed. :( (i will let you know if these brushes still shed the next time I use it.)
  2. This set/brand is not easily available to every online seller.
    (You can contact me if you are interested on buying one for yourself. ^_^)

VERDICT: I am really happy & satisfied with these brushes! This set, though cheap, is really of quality. So, if you are thinking of buying your first brush set and you are on a strict budget, why not try this one?

I think, that is all.... ^_^

I hope you enjoyed reading, and I hope this helped you in some ways. ^_^

Please, don't hesitate to contact me or comment below with your questions or suggestions. <3

'Til next time lovelies!!! Ciao!


Saturday, March 3, 2012

March 1st packages!!!

Last March 1, I am super happy to have received 2 packages from two different online seller.. :)

Thru Xend/LBC, they deliver 2days after the seller ships...
  • First parcel, is from Ms. Avi of Makeup Stash

Cerro Qreen brush set
At first, I was very hesitant to buy this set, because the first time that I bought a brush set online, I was very disappointed because half of the brushes are very scratchy & super stiff!!!
Anyway! haha! I finally decided to give this one a try. And oh the brushes are really soft!!! To think that its only Php500 per set!!!

Click here for product review.

  • Second parcel is from Hoops and Loops
items properly packed by seller
L - R: Beauty UK shatter polish in GOTH, PUNK, GLAM ROCK, BarryM nail effect in  GOLD GLITTER
& Beauty UK eye shadow palette #6 Day&Night
Oh! How quickly I fell in love with these items!!!
These are awesome!!!! Need I say more??? hahaha! <3

I will do a separate review on these items soon!!!
So watch out for it... ^_^

Click HERE for the review on the crackle/shatter polish

love lots,

what to expect from MMMe???

The following are some of the subjects, mostly the subjects, that I will be writing about in the future... <3

some of my books
  • BOOKS...It was year 2009 when I really started collecting books, I don't know how many I have now, i haven't counted yet..haha. I am a bookworm, I can read a Trilogy in a week, or less, if I want to.. :) But I mostly read Young Adult(YA) & Children books. haha! Anyway, I will soon be posting some book reviews. ^_^

  • Nails... :D
    Since High School, I love taking care of my nails & nail polishes. :)
    I used to change my nail polish on a daily basis..haha! Now, I keep my nail polish for as long as it doesn't chip.. :) Last Dec.2011, I started collecting NYX nail polishes. 
    I now have 20 pieces or so.. Will blog about my nail polishes soon.. ^_^
  • Make-ups!!!
    I started buying drugstore cosmetics, then I started buying online and now, I am obsessed with make up!!! haha! I will try to make product reviews, and maybe blog about my favorite makeup looks.hehe..
    Anyway, I use local & international brands. ^_^
  • ONLINE Shopping.
    Most of my kikay stuffs are bought online. So, I will be sharing with you my favorite & trusted online sellers.
  • Food & Restaurants/Cafe.
    I love cooking & eating. :)
    I will blog about my favorite restos & cafes, and maybe some of my recipes.. ^_^
  • Important events of my life.. :)
    I will share some of my life events and whatnot! :D ^_^

feel free to follow me.. Keep smiling! Stay beautiful! <3 <3 <3 


this is how it all begun..... :D

I've always been fascinated by bloggers.
Years ago, I started a blog but never published it and never pursued it. :(
A friend of mine, Alyssa ( started her blog & my interest in blogging came back, but still not enough reason for me to start a blog. A lot of my friends started asking me about the things I love (books, makeup, nail polishes, coffee, etc.), I am very eager to answer them, I stick to Facebook-posting, status updates but it all felt lacking.
Then my boyfriend asked me why don't I start to blog? then BAM!!! :D

I will be blogging mostly about Make-Ups, Nails, Skin Care, Books and a lot more! :D <3

some of my nail polishes & make-ups

♥ ♥ ♥

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