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MeMeMe Flawless Face Collection Review

Remember my review on the MeMeMe Flawless Pressed Powder?
Remember that I said I'm saving up for something similar to it???

Well, it's here!!!

Anyway, I'm talking about this MeMeMe Flawless Face Collection.

Manong JRS delivered this last September 4. (read my MeMeMe haul HERE)
(Thank you so much MakeupHub!)

Yes, I've been using it since then!
Ok, let's talk about the packaging first, shall we???

The packaging is made of cardboard and it comes with a cut-out carton that you slip the box into to keep the box closed. (see photo below)

The box has a ribbon attached to the box's flap that acts as a "handle" when you open it.. ^_^

Aren't the design on box looks so elegant?
And the box is really sturdy, mind you, that means I can recycle it.. ☺

The next photo, you'll see the back of the carton, which indicates the ingredients of each item included in the collection.
Back of the carton
The Collection includes the following items:
  1. MeMeMe Seventh Heaven Enriched Moisturizing Face Base (30ml)
  2. MeMeMe Flawless Cream Foundation in 02 Beige Blush (30ml)
  3. MeMeMe Flawless Concealer in 05 Beige (8ml)
  4. MeMeMe Flawless Loose Powder Translucent (12g)
  5. MeMeMe Loose Powder Brush
As you can see, the collection includes full size of each product.

  • MeMeMe Seventh Heaven Enriched Moisturizing Face Base

Oh!!! The scent!
This one smells like..YES! Heaven! haha! ☺
Seriously, the scent is heavenly!
It is very citrusy-sweet, but not too ovewhelming.

Apply it on your face like a moisturizer, note that a small amount goes a long way, and let it sit and dry for awhile before applying your foundation.

I only have one face makeup base to compare this with, 
believe me when I say, MeMeMe Face Base is way, way, waaaayyy better!
It makes my face smoother and it lessens the lines on my face which makes my skin really prepped for makeup and moisturized too!

If you will buy this, MeMeMe Seventh Heaven Moisturizing Face Base 30ml, on its own, it'll cost you PHP1,150.00! There's a sample size too which you can get for PHP 350.00.

  • MeMeMe Flawless Cream Foundation in Beige Blush

I must admit, I am not a "liquid/cream foundation" girl, if you know what I mean..
I am more like a "BB Cream" kinda girl.
I have a few liquid foundations, which mostly ends up on my "for clients" makeup. I am not really comfortable wearing liquid foundations because mostly tends to be a little heavy on the skin, so I stick with BB creams or powder and/or Powder Foundation.

But this, right here, changed me entirely!!! ^_^

The formulation is really light, that'll give you sheer-medium coverage, what I like about this, the color is build-able, and it is super easy to blend!
Unlike other foundations that sets on your skin immediately that it's a pain to blend!
This is not like those at all!!!

Apply with your fingers, sponge or brush.
You can build the color by adding another layer.

By the way, it comes with a pump, so it is very hygienic and not messy to dispense..

Here are some swatches.. 

Here's a comparison to Maybelline Aqua Gel Foundation in Natural Beige (left)..

I have applied Mememe cream foundation first, and as you can see, Maybelline Gel foundation sets immediately on my arm.

The two are in the same shade, almost similar in person, but Maybelline Natural Beige has a more yellow undertone than the Mememe Beige blush.

Interested in buying this Cream Foundation alone?
You can! It's PHP 899.00. There are 4 shades available.
Porcelain Pure, Beige Blush, Honey Lush, Golden Glow.

  • MeMeMe Flawless Concealer

This shade is pre-chosen for everyshade.
I got Flawless Cream Foundation in Beige Blush, so, I got the shade 05 Beige.

It's actually good. The color really matches with my skin tone. It glides smoothly and is blendable!

It comes with a doe-foot applicator.

This concealer almost doesn't crease.
Unlike other concealers that sets into the lines, especially under the eyes, but this one does not, only if you set it right with the loose foundation.
I mean, the first time I used this concealer, after 2hours, it creased.
But the second time I used it, I made sure to set it well with the Loose Powder.
And surprisingly, it lasted all day (9am-7pm) without creasing.

I don't know if you can avail this on its own here in PH, because I don't see it being sold at MakeUpHub's multiply site.

But according to MeMeMe's website, this is sold for £6.50, roughly PHP435.00.

  • MeMeMe Flawless Loose Powder
The perfect partner to your foundation and concealer!
It sets your foundation and concealer brilliantly! It is very fine and adds a little, teenee tiny bit when applied.
What I notice is that, it actually has a little shimmer, but really minute that it's almost not noticeable.

Remember when I said I fell in love with MeMeMe Flawless Pressed Powder?
Well, I got its twin! And girl, I'm as impressed with this one! ☺
Actually, this one is a bit better, I should say, because this one is a bit more translucent and sets my foundation better.
But, having the Pressed one is a great thing coz not only it does almost the same thing, I can also carry that one with me every where! ♥

You can purchase MeMeMe Flawless Loose Powder for PHP 450.00.

  • MeMeMe Loose Powder Brush

I'm a bit skeptical when it comes to brushes included in a set/collection.
Mostly tends to be very rough.
This is not! *wink*

I'm not sure what kind of material they used with this brush. Natural hair? Synthetic?
But it felt like it's synthetic. (Please do comment if you know what kind of bristles this one has)

The First time I touched it, oohh! It's so soft!
Are you familiar with the ELF Studio Face Brushes?
If you own one, it's almost the same, but this one's a tiny bit softer!

There's a few shedding the first time I washed it, 4-6 bristles which is just fine.

It works the same as any powder brush I own so nothing special there, except it's really soft! ☺

I believe MeMeMe brushes are not available in the Philippines market yet.
But according to MeMeMe Cosmetics website, this Loose Powder Brush will cost you £15.50,
roughly a whooping PHP 1,000.00!!! whooo!!!

MeMeMe Flawless Face Collection is available in 3 shades,
(01 Porcelain Pure, 02 Beige Blush, 03 Honey Lush)
at MakeUpHub's multiply for PHP 2,300.00.

I really love this collection! I am more than impressed with MeMeMe's products.
I am actually thinking of purchasing another set, just in case.. hehehe.. ♥


  1. Buying this set or collection, instead of buying each item individually, you will save PHP1,000.00++. You'll get 5 products with the value of PHP3,800 for only PHP2,300!
  2. The box or the packaging will not go into waste because it is recyclable. And is very functional.
  3. The Face Base is incredible! Makeup Base and moisturizer in one! A great product! I super love the scent too! ♥
  4. Cream Foundation: I love the consistency! Super blendable and very lightweight on the skin. Long wearing and comes with a pump dispenser which is a huge plus!
  5. Concealer: Long wearing. Almost doesn't crease.
  6. Loose Powder: very effective in setting the foundation. Lightweight and easy to blend.
  7. Loose Powder Brush: Really soft bristles.
  1. Loose Powder: has a little shimmer. (I actually doesn't mind, but some may have a problem with it.)
  2. Loose Powder Brush: sheds and bled a bit on the first wash.
  3. A bit expensive.
  4. Cream Foundation: Limited to 4 shades.

Repurchase??? ---Definitely!!! *wink*

That's it!

Liked what you see? Go ahead and grab one now!
Again, here's Make Up Hub by Naturele Collezione's Multiply Site and Facebook page.

Thank you for your time! I hope you had a blast reading my post! ☺

'Til next time my loves!

Smile always and Stay beautiful

P.S. something is coming, so stay tuned! ;)

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