Friday, August 24, 2012

MeMeMe Flawless Pressed Powder: Translucent

I have always been in search for a good compact powder.
Slim and light weight enough that I can carry with me anywhere!
Because lately, I'm in love with translucent powders, but it is a pain to carry it with me, with all the pigments going everywhere!

Then I saw Mememe Pressed Powder.. It comes in two shades, Natural & Translucent.
I got Translucent which is the lighter one..

What caught my attention is the details on the packaging itself..
It's so simple yet very elegant. And it is also very thin that I can put it on my pouch...which is a plus!

Here, you can see the product shade & description, along with the ingredients.

I was skeptical that this will disappoint me like most compact powders do,
but girl, I was wrong!!! 

This is really a pressed translucent powder, so it doesn't give any additional coverage.
Because it's translucent, anyone can use it. The formulation is a bit powdery, but that's okay (for me.) because it glides on the skin smoothly and it is easy to blend..

I use this to set my Maybelline BB Cream.
And it's so amazing!!! The result is really flawless!!!

It comes with a sponge.....a very thin sponge, the thinnest sponge I've ever seen! seriously!
(forgive the dirty sponge, I tried using it but it is useless!!! really!)

This is the only downside I have for this product... :(

But whatever, I, you can always buy a generic sponge. hehe..

Oh! By the way, I got this from MakeupHub by NatureleCollezione for PHP 480.00.
By the way, they're having a 20% off on all their onhand items until the 27th of August 2012.

So, yes! I recommend this to everyone, but most especially to those who doesn't need additional coverage.
I am now saving for the Mememe Flawless Face Collection, that's how impressed I am with this powder.

**you have questions regarding this product??? just leave a comment below and I'll try to answer it.. ^_^

That's it!!!
Thank you for your time! :)
'Til next time lovelies!!!

SHOUTOUT to Make Up Hub, Happy 2nd Anniversary!

Smile always and Stay beautiful


  1. i love translucent powders! :) i use them to set my bb cream and foundation :D

    i am a new follower by the way
    hope you can follow my blog as well

    1. hi Dana! :)
      Thanks for following my blog! ^_^

      Sure! ;)
      Godbless!!! <3



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