Friday, August 24, 2012

Mini Haul: Fanny Serrano by F21 Cosmetics

Hey everyone!

Yesterday, I went to the department store to grab the new Fanny Serrano BB Cream and ended up getting a lot more..... hahaha! ☺

Here are the items I got...


Do you know why I ended up getting 6 items instead of just one???

Here's what happened,
I picked up the testers for the BB creams and the Saleslady immediately told me that the shade that will suit me is "Mestiza"..

FS BB Cream in Mestiza - PHP 299.00

By the way, there are only two shades available, the other one is called Oriental, which is the darker one.

And then, just before I leave the FS stall, I saw that they already carry the Two Way Cake in the new packaging. I already hit pan on my first FS TWC so, I decided to get a new one.. hahaha!

FS Two-Way Cake in Duchess - PHP 399.00
Too bad, they don't carry refills here in Pangasinan.. :(

Just when I'm about to go to the counter to pay. The Saleslady stopped me and said,"Ay Ma'am, naka-promo po pala kami. If you buy items worth 500 pesos may freebie po kayong makukuha. Either a Powder Blush or Liquid Lipstick." 
Then, I immediately went into mathematician mode! hahaha! (299+399=698 hahaha.)
Then I decided to accumulate 1000 pesos to get 2 freebies.
Anyway, I have always wanted to try their Gel Liner, and so.... I got one.. hahaha!

FS Long-wear Gel Eyeliner in Black- PHP 299.00
I was about to get the Brown one, but ended up getting Black.. haha!

Mathematician mode again... 299+399+299=997... :P (OMG! kulang pa ng 3pesos!!!)
I looked at all the items immediately and looked for the cheapest item just to reach PHP1000. Haha!
So, again, I got this...
FS Eyelash Curler Refill - PHP 45.00
Whew! 1000+ pesos na!!! ;)
Time to select 2 freebies...
the Saleslady then said, "Ma'am one shade lang po available sa powder blush, ito lang po..kasi ito lang po stock na binigay sa amin"
so I took it anyway even though it is not the shade I want..
FS Powder Blush in Angel Pink - FREE
on to the next freebie, but the Saleslady again said, they only have two shades available, so I chose this one..
FS True Light Liquid Lipstick in Light Sandwash - FREE

So there you go! hahaha! :)

The Saleslady also mentioned that the promo is until August 31, 2012 only.
I just don't know if the promo is available on all the FS stall nationwide. So, you better check it out.. ;)

What are you waiting for ladies? Go to the nearest Department Store now and take advantage of the promo! ^_^

***Highly recommended that you try their Two-Way Cake.. and for the freebie, go for the Powder Blush, its really great! The one I got is perfect for highlighting.

That's it!!!
Thank you for your time reading my post.. :)

'Til next time my lovelies!!!

Smile always and Stay beautiful


  1. Will you be doing a review of the gel eyeliner?? ;))

    1. sure! ^_^
      pero andami pang naka-line up na to-be-blogged ko.. hahaha!
      but stay tuned! <3


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