Thursday, August 9, 2012

Too Faced: Glamour To Go Dream Edition

Last June 5, Shirlina of GetSophisticated OnlineShop announced the winner f her giveaway.
(Click HERE for related story)

So, I won and I received my price last June 8, 2012 but wasn't able blog about it then because of my busy schedule. (and lack of internet connection in my apartment in the hoo!)

This may be super late, but whatever...its better late than never right? ☺

Here's a quick review on the palette I won..

photo taken right after it arrived
here's a close up

I am so impressed on how cute and intricate the packaging is. I mean look at the details on the box. hehe..
It is also a tiny palette, which roughly fit into my hand, "really great for travelling" my first thought.
This is also my first ever Too Faced cosmetic. :)
It is roughly 2 inches by 3 inches in dimension, just an inch thick, so this can really fit your kit easily.

Not only does the box looks great, but the product's packaging itself is very "princess-like" as I call it..*it reminds me of a jewelry box I once had when I was a little girl* hehehe..
But here's the thing, the packaging really is beautiful but it felt like its super breakable.
I mean it does not feel sturdy. The first time I tried opening it, I was very scared because the lid may come off or break, thankfully it didn't. But yeah, this really needs a lot of care.

As you can see from the photos, it has a decent sized mirror.
Big enough that you can see what you are doing.. hehe.. *unlike some small palettes*

It has two layers. The second layer is drawer-like, and it has a small indention at the base that acts as a grip.
I've seen some reviews on this palette, and some, mostly, had a problem with the bottom layer.
Some say, the drawer doesn't lock or stay in place after several use.
But thankfully, mine is still intact. *but again, I'm extra careful with it.*

Product Ingredients:

This palette includes 8 eyeshadows (top layer),
(second layer) blush, lipgloss and bronzer

I numbered it so you can easily identify the swatches that will follow.

first row of e/s
second row of e/s
As you can see, the eyeshadows are complimentary and are very pigmented.
7 shades are shimmery and/or sheen. Only one matte.

Number 1 is very chalky, because of all the glitters on it.
#2, is sheer color, great for highlight.
#3 is the only matte.
The rest are shimmery e/s and are very pigmented.

Now on the second layer,

B1, is the blush, a very sheer rosy pink.
B2 is the bronzer, this color really suits me.
G is the gloss. a shimmery pink with glitters that goes on from blue to gold. very pretty!

It's just weird having the gloss in the middle of the powder blush and bronzer.

  • very small & lightweight great for traveling.
  • the eyeshadows can be worn from day to night.
  • great pigmentation.
  • blush and bronzer compliments a lot of skin tone.

  • not easily available here in the Philippines.
  • they could have made the packaging a bit sturdier.
  • putting the gloss in the middle of powder products is very messy.

  • This palette is definitely a TO-GO palette. I am impressed with the pigmentation, especially of the dark eyeshadows. This is really great for travelling, though I should emphasize that proper & careful handling is needed.

That's it! I hope you enjoyed reading.. Again, I am so sorry for being MIA. ^_^

You can visit Shirlina's facebook by clicking HERE.
"Again, Thank you so much Shirlina for your generosity for giving away this baby."
I discovered something from this palette..

YES! the palettes can actually be popped out of the case, which is kind of unique and really helpful especially when you own a customized palette like the Zpalette or a DIY one. You know what I'm saying.. hehe.. ☺

Thanks again my lovelies for taking your time reading my post.. :) ♥♥♥
'Til next time my loves!!! 

Smile always and Stay beautiful


  1. awww... ampretty nung bronzer.. congrats girl.. ;))

    1. yes, super pretty nung bronzer!!
      Thank you!!! :)

  2. Congratulations for winning the giveaway! :) You are so lucky. I like the bronzers.
    ~Pauline @Kallony


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