Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Make-up Maite's First Giveaway!!!

I just found out that Make-up Maite is having her first giveaway like I do..
So, it will be really great if you join her giveaway as well.. :)
And here's what the lucky winner will get...

I know!!!! OMG!!! hahaha!

Click HERE to join her giveaway.. be sure to read & follow all the requirements!

Goodluck lovelies!!!

Smile always and Stay beautiful

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Models Own Hyperbrite Lipsticks

Keeping the namesake, this is straight off the runway! Available in four fabulous Hyper-Brite shades and a vanilla-berry scent, these lipsticks will create the perfect colorful pout. ---Models Own 

I have been wanting to have a one of these lipsticks for such a long time because I am intrigued & curious about it, but my budget won't allow.....haha! **poor me**

The first online store I saw, sells these for like PHP450.00 each. Waayyyy too expensive for my liking. Though I really want one, I restricted myself on buying lipsticks that are over PHP300, haha! and so I just stare at it and just browse & wished that someone would give me one of these or hoping that these would go on sale or something. But no luck! :(

Just when I thought all hopes on having these are gone..

Ms. Avi of MakeupStash had a one-day sale. I luckily browsed her album, and guess what? I saw Models Own Hyperbrite on SALE!!! Hah! I almost fell off my seat when I saw she's only selling it for PHP199.00 each! Hah! The thing is, its limited, 3pcs per shade.
More than 50% less than the first one I saw!
So what else did you think I did? haha! I commented mine on all, well almost all, sadly I was too late for the red one. But I didn't gave up though, I texted Avi if she still have one more of that red to spare, and if she can sell it to me. And she said YES!!! *evil laugh*
I'm the happiest girl that time.. **OA na kung OA! haha!**

And so, after paying, the parcel finally arrived at our house last May 28.☻

Now for the REVIEW..


  • Two of these lipstick's has a damaged tip when it arrived. *look at the photo above, two have smudged the top & its still sealed.* Anyway, its fine with me, I understand the risk of shipping. And the damage is just a teeny-tiny bit. ☺
  • The packaging caught my attention. I didn't expect it to be so chic, elegant and very unique. But I was afraid that because it has this glass-like packaging that it may break easily, but girl! I was wrong! It actually has the sturdiest packaging I've seen.
  • It has this vanilla-berry scent. But my boyfriend compared it to Skittles candies, if you're familiar with that. Well, he was right! haha! :P The smell is very sweet yet it is not bothering at all.

The first one in line is Flaming Red, a bright cherry-red shade.

second shade is called Orangeade. This is the orange-est lipstick I've seen! No color undertones or whatsoever just ORANGE!!! ☻

next one is called Pink Hawaiian. A reddish-pink shade.

the last color is Annalise's Pink. The brightest of 'em all! ^_^ a neon-hot pink shade which reminds me of Barbie! ♥

At first glance, I am definitely drawn to Annalise's Pink, it has this perfect barbie-ish color that I love!

Here's some swatches in different lighting..

The name says Hyper-Brite! Well, they are not kidding, these colors really are bright on the lips!!!
It is really pigmented, but to get its shade you need to swipe it on your lips 3-4 times, for that really bright color, and/or swipe it once or twice for that sheer cover. :)
At first I was kind of lost because it says "Matt" i don't know what was that suppose to mean for I thought this is not matte because when I applied it, it has this slight sheen to it.
after a minute or so, it actually mattified! My boyfriend's even surprise how matte it is!
I can even compare its finish to NYX's Matte Lipstick.

Some bloggers say its not matte, some say it is.
I say, its matte.☺

Another thing about these babies, these are quite long wearing!
After I apply 3-4 swipes of Annalise's Pink on my bare lips at 7am, and it actually mattified mind you, after I ate lunch the color just lightened a bit, I didn't retouch or anything, almost 10hours have passed since the application, the color's still visible on my lips, but it only looks like a stain. Which is very impressive.

Here are photos of moi....

L-R: Flaming Red, Orangeade, Pink Hawaiian, Annalise's Pink
Look how vibrant the colors are!!! agh!! LOVE!!! ♥

I am really really in love with these lipsticks!
These are the ones that I'm using ever since I got these!
The colors may look, slightly intimidating, but these are definitely wearable.


  • Packaging is very durable.
  • Delectable scent that is not over whelming.
  • Pigmentation is good.
  • Long wearing.
  • Not drying on lips.
  • Striking colors.
  • lots of online beauty shops are selling these now. (try MakeupStash, link given above.)

  • Only available in 4 shades.
  • A little too expensive for those who have tight budget like me if not on sale.. teehee!
  • 9/10


  • These are worth buying & worth every peso! ☺ I will definitely buy more of these if I can.. ☺ I would really recommend these for all of you kikay girls out there! ♥

That's it!!! ☺

I hope you enjoyed reading this & hopefully this post gave you an idea about this product.

Oh! Don't forget to enter my giveaway HERE.

'Til next time my lovelies!!!

Smile always & Stay beautiful

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I won! I won! ♥♥♥

This may seem so weird with my ongoing giveaway, but..

I won on a giveaway!!!! haha!!! ♥

Yes, you read that right, I won! well not on my giveaway but on someone else's, haha! you know what I mean..
This win is so funny because, first, I know my chances of winning is very low, second, I really want to win the prize but I am expecting not to win but joined anyway & thought of it positively..

So, this is how it all started...

There's this online shop named GetSophisticated OnlineShop on Facebook who sells cosmetics straight from US, and also sells unbranded make up palettes which are super similar to Coastal Scents, BH Cosmetics, etc..
I have bought a bunch of those palettes from her along with other make up brands like EOS.

Here are some of the palettes that I'm talking about.. :)

L-R: 88pc Shimmer Palette, 88pc Marble Palette
Last April 28, 2012, Shirlina announced that she is going to giveaway a Too Faced To-Go Palette Dream Edition.
All we need to do is to like & share her post/photo...obviously, I joined.. hehe.. :)
here's the photo..

Look at my comment!!!!
haha! it was like I foresaw that I'm going to win!!! hahaha!
Anyway, it was supposed to run until May 22, 2012 only but got extended, and I almost forgot about it to be honest.. haha!

Then, last night,

I literally crossed my fingers!!! hahaha! and still didn't expect to win.. but then, after a few seconds after my comment...


***my jaw dropped***

***i fell off my seat***

***jumped up & down***

***screamed so loud***

***danced, jumped up & down again***

***woke everyone with my yelps***

***almost died***

***revived by the prize***

hahahahaha! I'm sorry but those really happened & my reactions!!! hahaha!
Being this my first win ever, I cannot describe this feeling....its like winning Miss Universe, or not!!! hahaha! :P

I am so excited to receive my prize! Yay! That will be my first ever, and maybe the only, Too Faced cosmetics I will own!!! :)

Shirlina told me, she will be shipping my prize today.. ***kilig to the bones***

And so, all I need to do now is WAIT.. ^_^ hehe..

Thank you for your time reading my babbles.. I hope you can forgive all this.. haha! ♥♥♥

And don't you forget to enter MY giveaway HERE.

Think positively about everything my lovelies! Godbless!

Smile always & Stay beautiful

Monday, June 4, 2012

*CLOSED* 1st ever giveaway!!! ^_^

So, my boyfriend finally convinced me to do my first ever giveaway. (Hi Papabear!!! ♥ i love you ♥)
I know I'm going to be busy as a bee on the next months,
And so, I am going to do one now!!! Yay!!!

This is some kind of Back-To-School giveaway...a simple one.
There's going to be only one winner.
Anyway, this is open to Philippines residents only.. :)

Without any further ado, here's what the winner is going to get... *sorry, ito palang po nakayanan ko.. ^_^

I seek the help of Rafflecopter for this one.. ^_^

These are the things you need to do to qualify and/or enter the raffle..

a Rafflecopter giveaway

**Fogive me, if nangangapa pa ako.. hehe..

My greatest fear is that no one will enter! Or only one will! hahaha! ♥

I hope you my lovelies will join and invite all your friends & followers to join, as they say, "The more, the merrier!!!".

Please do support my first giveaway!
Thank you!!! ♥♥♥

Best of luck my lovelies!!!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

NYX Nail Girls Polish Collection

Hey everyone!
I decided to share with you one of my nail polish collection NYX NGP.. ^_^


***photo heavy***

Here's a photo of my NYX NGP(nail girls polish) collection... :D

So far, I have a total of 28 NGP. ^_^

I bought all of these from Nyxcosmetics By OnlineShopping Zone.
Here are photos for a closer look on the colors...I arranged them by their numbers..

101 Bronzed Goddess
102 Deep Space
108 Pimp My Nail
113 Chocolate Taupe

114 Forever 1989
116 Royal Purple
118 Second Skin
119 The Taupe

121 Charcoal Pearl
129 Purple Noir
143 Black
145 Moonwalk

163 Enchanted Forest
174 Paradise Nude
175 Mermaid Green
189 Bloody Mary

191 Sunshine Pink
195 Bermuda Triangle
199 Hunter Green
208 Pacific Blue

209 Dorothy
224 Gold Bar
234 Bella
236 Drop of Dew

237 Gentleman Prefers Red
239 Golden Lavender
242 Lapis
244 Naked Pink

What I love about these nail polishes?

These are creamy yet easy to apply.
Very cheap and comes in many colors! The brush applicator doesn't leave streaks unlike other cheap local products. The smell is not as stingy as other nail polishes.
I am really in love with this!!! :D

Thank you for your time! ^_^ I hope this post helped you and gave you some ideas about this product.

'Til next time lovelies!!!

Smile always & Stay beautiful


Hey everyone!
I'm back with another haul! Yay!!! :D

Last Monday, I received two parcels full of cosmetics.. I am actually very excited to share what I got, I even posted a sneak peek, but decided to wait for one more parcel.. :D yiieee..
Finally! The last parcel arrived yesterday.. whooo!!! ^_^

Brace yourselves, this will going to be a long post.. hahaha! ^_^


And so, here are the things I got...

The first parcel came from one of my favorite FB pages, Bid From Zero (Auction Page).
If you haven't read my entry about it, click HERE..

  • first item/s is the Colormates Luscious Lips in Blackberry

Obviously, I got 5pcs!!! haha! :P
This is actually a lip gloss that comes with a lip liner pencil & a sharpener.. How cool is that? You get 3 items for a price of one.. :D
And I got these for only PHP50.00 each! YES!!! :D <3
What I love about this is the gloss itself, it has a sweet berry scent & the color is fabulous! I call it "the-evil-queen" lip gloss! haha! because the shade is in very deep red, almost black, reminds me of the "evil queen" in fairy tales.. haha! ^_^

  • CoverGirl Clean Pressed Powder in Warm Beige

  • Jane EyeZing eyeshadow in Tangy

  • Wet 'N Wild Ultimate Minerals Loose Eyeshadow

I got myself 4 shades, and here are some swatches.. ^_^

L-R: Graphite, Amethyst, Crown Gold, Copper
I got these for only PHP50.00 each!!! <3

  • MAX Factor Maxalicious Glitz Lip Gloss in Gold Digger

This gloss is true to its name, GOLD. And I love the scent, its like butterscotch. 
Guess how much I got this??? PHP50.00!!!

  • L'OREAL Colour Juice Stick in Cherry Freeze

This is my fifth buy on this.. :) and these are actually not mine.. haha! These are my Mom's! haha!
She is loving this lippies, so she constantly asks me to buy more.. haha! :D
  • Black Radiance Starry Eyes Shadow Stick in Deepest Plum

  • Rimmel Twist&Shimmer Eye Colour

  • Jordache Cosmetics Cream Eyeshadow

  • Last but not least FREEBIES!!!

I got these for free.. :)
Naturalistics Lipstick & a L'OREAL Paris dual sharpener.. ^_^

Second parcel is from MakeupStashByAvi..

These are the things I got... ^_^

  • NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Rocky Mountain Green

  • NYX Round Lipstick

  • Models Own Hyperbrite Lipsticks

These are what I am super excited about!!! :)
Finally my very own Models Own, and I got all 4 shades!!! hah!!
and guess what? I got these on sale!!! hahaha! *smug*

The third parcel came from Nyxcosmeticsbyonlineshoppingzone, my favorite Online Shop ever!!! :D <3

  • NYX Glitter Cream Palette in Fresh Greens

  • Kleancolor Nail Laquer

  • Kleancolor Nail Laquer Mini Collection in Green Addicts

  • Kleancolor Nail Laquer Mini Collection in Retro City

  • Kleancolor Nail Laquer Mini Collection in Techno High

That's all!!! :D

I hope you enjoyed reading, or more likely browsing, my post! hehehe.. ^_^

I will be doing a separate reviews on some of the products because this post is too long already! haha..
So, stay tuned for that! ^_^

If you have any question, don't hesitate to contact me.. ^_^

'Til next time my lovelies!!! 

Smile always & Stay beautiful

♥ ♥ ♥

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