Thursday, May 17, 2012

Bid. Mine. Online Addiction! *UPDATED*


I have always been in search for good & cheap deals online. And so I am beyond ecstatic to have found Bid From Zero (Auction Page), where the owner auctions US authentic cosmetics for a starting bid of zero, yes you read that right! ZERO! And Increments varies from 20php to 100php depends on the kind of cosmetics & brand. :)
Believe me or not, they auction drugstore makeup like Maybelline, Revlon, L'oreal, etc...and brands that are not easily available here in the Philippines like Milani, EOS, etc.. to higher end makeups like, Urban Decay, Sephora, Mac.
And the page also have this so called "MINE auction", where the seller/auctioneer place a fixed price for a certain item, and if the price meets your standard, believe me prices are incredibly low, you only need to comment mine on the photo and voila, the item is yours!!!

I must admit, I have been obsessed with this page ever since, for I got a bunch of cosmetics for a very, very cheap price..and as follows are photos of some of the items I got.. :)

This is my latest purchase along with a freebie & prizes I won Ms. Raffaelyn, the owner, generously gave me..

I will mention some of the items and how much I got them... 
**note: item price varies and is not consistent because it is auctioned..

this item I got for only Php139
Styli-Style eyeliners, Php65 each
L'oreal Wear Infinite Enchanted Bouquet
lot of 5pcs BonBon lipbalm
see how cheap I got these items?? And may I say that these items are in very good condition!

following are some of my first purchases from Bid From Zero...

I wasn't able to take photos of all the items I got but you can see how obsessed I am with my purchases.. :D

So far, all items I got are 100% authentic. But there's something I want to be honest about, I got myself this Maybelline Lash Stiletto Mascara (see photo above, the red mascara beside the Milani products) smells funny when I opened it.. I don't know why..and so I do not use that one.

All in all, I am super happy I found Bid From Zero, my day isn't complete without browzing their page..oh! Auctions are everyday btw! :D

TIPS for future bidders: ***note: this is based from my experience..hehe..

  1. I usually look and/or bid for the items that are new & sealed. (because there are times, in general, kahit bago & hindi pa gamit yung cosmetic, if not sealed, may tendency na hindi na maganda yung klase nung product, and so I only bid for items that are SEALED.)
  2. BE PATIENT! --- huwag bid ng bid! *wink*

Thank you for your time reading! You might want to check out Bid From Zero maybe you will find something that interests you.. *wink*

'Til next time lovelies!

Smile always & Stay beautiful


  1. very nice post! <3 pati ako, adik na dito! haha <3

    1. hahaha! :P i told you! haha! <3
      thank you aly! muwaaahhhh!

  2. OMG!! pati ako naadik dito.. nabasa ko din ung kay alyssa eh..

    1. hahaha! join the club!!! :D
      mura kasi & talagang great deals kaya nakaka-adik! haha! :P


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