Tuesday, May 29, 2012

MASSIVE HAUL!!!! ***sneak peek***

Since I can't sleep yet, I decided to share to all of you what happened earlier today.. :D

2 parcels actually arrived!!! :D MASSIVE HAUL!!!
***though, I'm still waiting for one more parcel to arrive, before I will post a massive haul, but here's a sneak preview anyway!!! lol that's how excited I am!!!**

So, here's the first one....
This may look like too much, too expensive, but NO!!! hahaha!

from Bid From Zero yet again... ^_^ Yes!!! I am an addict with this page!!!
If you haven't read my confession/post about my addiction on this page, you better click HERE so you'll know what I am talking about.. lol ^_^

The second one is from MakeupStashByAvi.....

Model's Own!!! ***Yes we can ignore the NYX items.. lol kidding***
I am super excited to have receive this parcel...actually, I was expecting this to arrive not until tomorrow, but man was I ecstatic when a guy in red motorcycle stopped in front of our house!!!! hahaha!
BTW, i got these on sale!!! hahaha! <3 <3 <3

Thank you for your time, and I hope you enjoyed reading.
Watch out for my massive haul post, I will write more details about these items & how much I got them.. ^_^

'Til next time lovelies!!!

Smile always & Stay beautiful


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