Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Lip products: organized

Last night, I decided to organize my lipsticks..
I have a quite few NYX Roundlipsticks which are very creamy & easily melted in high temp.
I used to store my lipsticks on my traincase, where they end up lying down, instead of standing up, if you know what I mean..
and so, I had this idea.

I saw this old shoe box lying around just accumulating dust, and so I decided to wrap it in a yellow duct tape to make the carton box more durable.. :)
And I also made a divider using a thin cardboard and also wrapping it with the same yellow duct tape..

This is what I got...
ended up putting all my lipsticks, glosses & balms.. :D

I am planning to wrap it also in a plastic cover later today & label the lid.. :D

I had so much fun making this DIY storage box, so maybe I would do another one for my makeup palettes.. :)

'til my next post lovelies! <3 <3 <3

Smile always & Stay beautiful


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