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E.L.F. Studio: 11pc Brush Collection REVIEW

This post is long overdue!!! lol
Sorry, I have been so lazy editing photos & well, lazy to blog, I am blaming the super hot weather!!! urgh!

Anyway!!! ^_^

I am here again to blog about yet another Brush set.. :)
The e.l.f. Studio 11 piece brush collection!

Here we go!

ELF Studio line brushes are high quality anti-bacterial brushes. Made from synthetic haired Taklon, can be use wet or dry with powder, liquid or cream products.

ELF Studio 11 piece brush collection includes 6 Face brushes, 5 Eye brushes and a water-resistant case.
I believe this brush set is not available in ELF stalls in malls here in the Philippines. So glad I found BumbleShop who sells ELF products from US for a very low price, and she is selling this brush collection for Php1,280. Definitely a cheap price for a very good quality brushes!

As you can see from the photos above, that the case has 10 slots for the brushes, obviously, 2 brushes share a slot. Even with all the 11 brushes inside, the case still has room for some of my brushes, and is very light weight, really good for traveling. :)

Set includes:

Face Brushes
  1. Complexion Brush
  2. Powder Brush
  3. Angled Foundation Brush
  4. Blush Brush
  5. Fan Brush
  6. Concealer Brush
Eye Brushes
  1. Eyeshadow "C" Brush
  2. Contour Brush
  3. Small Angled Brush
  4. Small Precision Brush
  5. Small Smudge Brush

  • Complexion Brush

This brush is not dense enough for me. And so for me, this brush is limited for light powder application. Though I love this brush's softness just right for sweeping fall-outs and/or finishing or touch ups.

  • Powder Brush - the most talked & raved about ELF brush. Dense, soft & versatile, this brush is a must-have & my favorite among the brushes in this collection. :) From applying foundation, to blush to contouring the face, this one really does it all!

Right before I have this collection, I already bought this individual brush at SM North Edsa for PHP249.75. And so I am so excited to have two of these functional/versatile brush!!! BUT, the sad thing is, the Powder Brush that came with this set SHEDS!!! I don't know why! I just said to myself, "Siguro sa una lang.." but man I was wrong! It continues to shed every time I use it! :(( Whatever! I still love this brush! I will just buy another one! haha! :P

  • Angled Foundation Brush - this brush, aside from being angled, this brush is just like any other foundation brush. 

Very Soft & easy to use when applying primer and/or liquid foundation. But from all my foundation brushes, this one leaves streak marks the most.

  • Blush Brush - this brush has a slightly tapered, round tip, very ideal for applying blush and contouring the cheeks.

This may not be dense enough for my liking but this one, does its job decently. Really soft bristles.
My only issue with this brush, is that when I first used it, I noticed some of the bristles at the tip are somehow glued together, but no biggie, everything is fine now. :)

  • Fan Brush - this brush is, can I say, your average fan brush. Fan brushes are usually used to sweep fall outs, use to contour to add depths to ones face.

If this brush is a little denser, I might like it, but, no, its not dense at all, can't even sweep fall out with just one stroke.

  • Concealer Brush

It has a rounded tip, dense & soft. This brush can also be used as an eyeshadow brush especially with cream based products. Because it is dense, it picks up & dispenses product easily.

  • Eyeshadow "C" Brush - basically has a "C" shaped tip, hence the name, great for applying color on the entire lid area.

I like this brush because I can use it dry and/or wet & does a good job in picking up & dispensing products, may it be powder or cream based eyeshadow.

  • Contour Brush - a tapered tip brush, used to contour the eye crease area.

They could have made this a little denser, though at itself because of the shape it really does a good job when used to apply products onto the crease.

  • Small Angled Brush - used to apply product to line the eye area, or to fill in brows.

This one's a little thick if going to use to line the lash line. And so I just use this to fill in the brows. Nothing special here, just that it is soft & not scratchy.

  • Small Precision Brush

I love small brushes like this.. :) I can find many ways to use this.
Sometimes, I use this to put on e/s on the lower lash line, inner corners and/or use to apply liquid, gel or cream liner. And this brush is also ideal for applying lip products. ^_^

  • Small Smudge Brush - used to "smudge" products, such as eye liner.

I see this brush as the smaller version of the Precision brush. This has a more flat tip, shorter bristles & thinner yet dense enough to use as liner applicator. ^_^


  1. Really cheap.
  2. Super soft, non-scratchy bristles.
  3. Made from synthetic taklon, so its vegan friendly.
  4. Really easy to wash.
  5. Comes with a sturdy case, and very light weight, good for traveling.
  6. In chic black with long handles, ideal for professional use.

  1. This set is not easily available here in the Philippines.
  2. the Powder brush included sheds a bit.

I highly recommend this brush collection to makeup enthusiasts like me. It has all the essential brushes needed when traveling.

I am really happy I got this set. I often find myself reaching for these brushes. So, yeah. ^_^

That's it! I hope you enjoyed reading & I hope this post gave you some insight about this brushes.
Thank you all for your time. Godbless!!!

'Til next time lovelies! <3

Smile always & Stay beautiful


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