Friday, August 24, 2012

MeMeMe Flawless Pressed Powder: Translucent

I have always been in search for a good compact powder.
Slim and light weight enough that I can carry with me anywhere!
Because lately, I'm in love with translucent powders, but it is a pain to carry it with me, with all the pigments going everywhere!

Then I saw Mememe Pressed Powder.. It comes in two shades, Natural & Translucent.
I got Translucent which is the lighter one..

What caught my attention is the details on the packaging itself..
It's so simple yet very elegant. And it is also very thin that I can put it on my pouch...which is a plus!

Here, you can see the product shade & description, along with the ingredients.

I was skeptical that this will disappoint me like most compact powders do,
but girl, I was wrong!!! 

This is really a pressed translucent powder, so it doesn't give any additional coverage.
Because it's translucent, anyone can use it. The formulation is a bit powdery, but that's okay (for me.) because it glides on the skin smoothly and it is easy to blend..

I use this to set my Maybelline BB Cream.
And it's so amazing!!! The result is really flawless!!!

It comes with a sponge.....a very thin sponge, the thinnest sponge I've ever seen! seriously!
(forgive the dirty sponge, I tried using it but it is useless!!! really!)

This is the only downside I have for this product... :(

But whatever, I, you can always buy a generic sponge. hehe..

Oh! By the way, I got this from MakeupHub by NatureleCollezione for PHP 480.00.
By the way, they're having a 20% off on all their onhand items until the 27th of August 2012.

So, yes! I recommend this to everyone, but most especially to those who doesn't need additional coverage.
I am now saving for the Mememe Flawless Face Collection, that's how impressed I am with this powder.

**you have questions regarding this product??? just leave a comment below and I'll try to answer it.. ^_^

That's it!!!
Thank you for your time! :)
'Til next time lovelies!!!

SHOUTOUT to Make Up Hub, Happy 2nd Anniversary!

Smile always and Stay beautiful

Mini Haul: Fanny Serrano by F21 Cosmetics

Hey everyone!

Yesterday, I went to the department store to grab the new Fanny Serrano BB Cream and ended up getting a lot more..... hahaha! ☺

Here are the items I got...


Do you know why I ended up getting 6 items instead of just one???

Here's what happened,
I picked up the testers for the BB creams and the Saleslady immediately told me that the shade that will suit me is "Mestiza"..

FS BB Cream in Mestiza - PHP 299.00

By the way, there are only two shades available, the other one is called Oriental, which is the darker one.

And then, just before I leave the FS stall, I saw that they already carry the Two Way Cake in the new packaging. I already hit pan on my first FS TWC so, I decided to get a new one.. hahaha!

FS Two-Way Cake in Duchess - PHP 399.00
Too bad, they don't carry refills here in Pangasinan.. :(

Just when I'm about to go to the counter to pay. The Saleslady stopped me and said,"Ay Ma'am, naka-promo po pala kami. If you buy items worth 500 pesos may freebie po kayong makukuha. Either a Powder Blush or Liquid Lipstick." 
Then, I immediately went into mathematician mode! hahaha! (299+399=698 hahaha.)
Then I decided to accumulate 1000 pesos to get 2 freebies.
Anyway, I have always wanted to try their Gel Liner, and so.... I got one.. hahaha!

FS Long-wear Gel Eyeliner in Black- PHP 299.00
I was about to get the Brown one, but ended up getting Black.. haha!

Mathematician mode again... 299+399+299=997... :P (OMG! kulang pa ng 3pesos!!!)
I looked at all the items immediately and looked for the cheapest item just to reach PHP1000. Haha!
So, again, I got this...
FS Eyelash Curler Refill - PHP 45.00
Whew! 1000+ pesos na!!! ;)
Time to select 2 freebies...
the Saleslady then said, "Ma'am one shade lang po available sa powder blush, ito lang po..kasi ito lang po stock na binigay sa amin"
so I took it anyway even though it is not the shade I want..
FS Powder Blush in Angel Pink - FREE
on to the next freebie, but the Saleslady again said, they only have two shades available, so I chose this one..
FS True Light Liquid Lipstick in Light Sandwash - FREE

So there you go! hahaha! :)

The Saleslady also mentioned that the promo is until August 31, 2012 only.
I just don't know if the promo is available on all the FS stall nationwide. So, you better check it out.. ;)

What are you waiting for ladies? Go to the nearest Department Store now and take advantage of the promo! ^_^

***Highly recommended that you try their Two-Way Cake.. and for the freebie, go for the Powder Blush, its really great! The one I got is perfect for highlighting.

That's it!!!
Thank you for your time reading my post.. :)

'Til next time my lovelies!!!

Smile always and Stay beautiful

Friday, August 17, 2012

My skin craves Krave! ;) ♥

Hey there! ^_^

If you have been following my blog, you probably know by now how I love makeup! :) (Name a girl who doesn't?)

Now, let's talk about skin care shall we?

**this post is supposed to be just about skin care but while doing this entry, I became so excited that I included my whole experience and more.. haha! Forgive me.. ^_^**

Let me share to you one of the reasons, if not the main reason, why despite my everyday usage of makeup, I can still be confident enough to not wear makeup at all, specially nowadays.. ^_^

Facial skin care is basically three things, (1) Cleansing (2) Toning, and (3) Moisturizing.

For years, I have been relying on chemical based facial washes, toners & moisturizers.
Being on my early 20's, my skin have gone through lots of things, but not until early this year that my face started to breakout every single day!!!
Zits, blemishes and discolorations over my face! (yuck!)
(It started when I used a certain brand, a facial soap, to clean my face..i wont tell the brand, coz some of my friends are using it and they are quite happy with it but I guess its not for me...)

Then I found Krave Minerale Cosmeceuticals.... ☺☺☺

Thursday, August 16, 2012

New Camera: Canon Powershot S100

Remember when I told you my good old camera broke?

Well, now I got a new one! Yay!!!

This means better photos for my blog!! woohoo!!

It was love at first shot! lol
Seriously, the photo quality of this baby is quite a big jump from my old camera.. :)

I'm still learning to shoot in full manual mode though, so...hopefully I'll be able to take good quality photos in the future for all of you! :)

If you want to learn more about this camera, just click the link below.

'Til next time my lovelies.. ^_^

Smile always and Stay beautiful

Friday, August 10, 2012

All about Makeup Brush!!! ♥♥♥

Hello my lovelies!!! :)

I'm officially back!!! yey! ^_^

I decided to make a collective haul and review on my makeup brushes, which I have been collecting..

As you can remember, I have reviewed 3 brush sets already..

(1) Cerro Qreen 7pc Brush Set which is the first set I ever bought

(2) Real Techniques Core Collection
(3) ELF Studio 11pc Brush Collection

So, last month of July, I acquired more brushes! *woot woot*
2 brush sets and a retractable brush (my first).. ^_^ here's a photo..

*sorry if its a bit blurry, I used my broken camera and all photos taken are blurry..* 
Anyway, I got two Beauty Cosmetics Brush Set, the (1) 12pc Synthetic Pink set and (2) 20pc PRO brush set.. both sets have super soft brushes.. *review soon...*
And the one at the middle is the new CHARM retractable Flat Top Brush..which I have been using & taking with me everyday!

The latest brush set I got is from Models Own, the 5pc neon brush set..
You might be thinking, "Neon?? what do you mean neon?".. hah! stay tuned for that.. hehe.. ☺

That's it for now! :)
hoping and praying that by next week I will have a new camera! yay!!! ☺

Take care & Godbless!

Smile always and Stay Beautiful

Thursday, August 9, 2012

I sincerely apologize....

Hello there my loves!!

I am so sorry for being MIA for the last month.. :(

I have been very busy with school especially last July. And my camera broke so I can't take decent photos to put here in my blog. :(
And, I do not have an internet connection in my apartment, no nearby wifi as well. :(

BUT!!! Good news!!!
I already bought a broadband stick so, internet connection will no longer be a problem, i hope.. hehehe.. (You know broadband connections are not consistent..)

Number two, hopefully after all this calamity, rain, and flood... I will be able to buy me a new camera!!! Yay!!!

I have a lot of things in store for all of you.. :)
super daming reviews na ang nakatambak!!!

And lately, I have been winning quite a few giveaways..
One is a full hair makeover from one of the salon in Dagupan City, Pangasinan, Vibrante Salon By Marcel Mendoza. The makeover package consist of the following and someone said the package is worth more than a whooping PHP 8,000!!!

(1) Full Head Schwarzkopf Color Conditioning,
(2) Brazilian Blowout Smoothing Treatment,
(3) Signature Hair Cut from Mr. Marcel Mendoza

I am very excited for the makeover. I mean, come on! A Brazilian Blowout!!!
I can't even afford that treatment!! hehehe.. ☺
I promise I will be blogging about my experience..

So, I hope you all forgive me for being MIA..
Before this post, I have published my review on the Too Faced cosmetic that I won last HERE for the review.. that's the last product I shoot before my camera broke, so please bear with me.. :)

And one more thing,
My very good friend Alyssa of Make Up By Alyssa Marie Zarate is hosting her first year anniversary giveaway!!! Yay! Please do check it out! ☺
You can click HERE to join her giveaway. ♥

That's it! Thanks again my lovelies!

God bless us all, and let us all pray for our nation, and to all our kababayans' safety, especially those who have been affected with flood. Hoping that this rain will finally stop and the sun will finally show up.. ☺

Smile always and Stay beautiful

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Too Faced: Glamour To Go Dream Edition

Last June 5, Shirlina of GetSophisticated OnlineShop announced the winner f her giveaway.
(Click HERE for related story)

So, I won and I received my price last June 8, 2012 but wasn't able blog about it then because of my busy schedule. (and lack of internet connection in my apartment in the hoo!)

This may be super late, but whatever...its better late than never right? ☺

Here's a quick review on the palette I won..

photo taken right after it arrived
here's a close up

I am so impressed on how cute and intricate the packaging is. I mean look at the details on the box. hehe..
It is also a tiny palette, which roughly fit into my hand, "really great for travelling" my first thought.
This is also my first ever Too Faced cosmetic. :)
It is roughly 2 inches by 3 inches in dimension, just an inch thick, so this can really fit your kit easily.

Not only does the box looks great, but the product's packaging itself is very "princess-like" as I call it..*it reminds me of a jewelry box I once had when I was a little girl* hehehe..
But here's the thing, the packaging really is beautiful but it felt like its super breakable.
I mean it does not feel sturdy. The first time I tried opening it, I was very scared because the lid may come off or break, thankfully it didn't. But yeah, this really needs a lot of care.

As you can see from the photos, it has a decent sized mirror.
Big enough that you can see what you are doing.. hehe.. *unlike some small palettes*

It has two layers. The second layer is drawer-like, and it has a small indention at the base that acts as a grip.
I've seen some reviews on this palette, and some, mostly, had a problem with the bottom layer.
Some say, the drawer doesn't lock or stay in place after several use.
But thankfully, mine is still intact. *but again, I'm extra careful with it.*

♥ ♥ ♥

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