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My skin craves Krave! ;) ♥

Hey there! ^_^

If you have been following my blog, you probably know by now how I love makeup! :) (Name a girl who doesn't?)

Now, let's talk about skin care shall we?

**this post is supposed to be just about skin care but while doing this entry, I became so excited that I included my whole experience and more.. haha! Forgive me.. ^_^**

Let me share to you one of the reasons, if not the main reason, why despite my everyday usage of makeup, I can still be confident enough to not wear makeup at all, specially nowadays.. ^_^

Facial skin care is basically three things, (1) Cleansing (2) Toning, and (3) Moisturizing.

For years, I have been relying on chemical based facial washes, toners & moisturizers.
Being on my early 20's, my skin have gone through lots of things, but not until early this year that my face started to breakout every single day!!!
Zits, blemishes and discolorations over my face! (yuck!)
(It started when I used a certain brand, a facial soap, to clean my face..i wont tell the brand, coz some of my friends are using it and they are quite happy with it but I guess its not for me...)

Then I found Krave Minerale Cosmeceuticals.... ☺☺☺

a few months back, (click here for my haul) I came across their Oil Eliminator&Skin Hydrator, and immediately ordered one for myself along with the Correct&Conceal.
After a few days of using those two, I fell in love with it! With the concealer, according to Krave, it doesn't just conceal blemishes or redness but it also helps your skin to heal. IT'S TRUE!!!
And with the Oil Eliminator&Skin Hydrator, my face stayed oil-free without even retouching!
Amazing right?

My first ever Krave products..
*photo taken last March 2012

After a week, I applied to be one of Krave's distributor.
Not only to get advantage of the discount, but to introduce this brand to my classmates, friends, relatives & family. Guess what?? My application has been approved!!! Yay!!! :) Luzon Registered Distributor

Krave Official distributor since July 2012.
When I received my "Qualifying Set" from Krave,
I started my Krave Skin Feeding Routine (Skin Care) for blemished skin.

  • Cupine Aloepa Facial Wash - cleanse

  • Fruittie Poreless Toner Spray - tone

  • Moisture Souffle mixed with Panacea Olio Nutriente - moisturize
I mix 2-3drops of Panacea to a pea-size amount of Moisture souffle. ***You can also apply Panacea to your hair & scalp 10-15mins before taking a bath for healthier scalp & shinier hair. 

I also included the following..
I use these masks, alternately once or twice a week.. at least 3-4days gap..
  • Detox & White Mud Masque - weekly detoxifying mask
  • Triple P Fruit Masque - weekly mask

After just 5weeks of using Krave's Skin Feeding Routine, my face have improve (and still improving)..
I am so in love with this product that I now use the makeup line for my everyday makeup..

These four are the staple for my everyday makeup routine.. ^_^
With all these said, I can say that I really am a certified Krave Beauty!!!

Will I recommend this brand?

I can't imagine myself trying something else anymore! *for skin care*
I am not going back to those brands which promises a lot but in reality have a lot of harmful ingredients!
Did I mention that with this product being organic is safe and good for the environment? Well, it is!
So, I say, buh-bye to all those other brands! ;)

You can visit Krave's facebook page HERE, or you can contact me. ☺

That's it for now.. :) hehe..
If you want me to do a review on each product/item, just let me know.

Thank you for your time visiting my blog.

'Til next time my lovelies!

Smile always & Stay beautiful

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    Nakita ko din sa krave page dati na ikaw ung isa sa mga bagong distributor.. Congrats uli.. ;))


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