Thursday, August 16, 2012

New Camera: Canon Powershot S100

Remember when I told you my good old camera broke?

Well, now I got a new one! Yay!!!

This means better photos for my blog!! woohoo!!

It was love at first shot! lol
Seriously, the photo quality of this baby is quite a big jump from my old camera.. :)

I'm still learning to shoot in full manual mode though, so...hopefully I'll be able to take good quality photos in the future for all of you! :)

If you want to learn more about this camera, just click the link below.

'Til next time my lovelies.. ^_^

Smile always and Stay beautiful


  1. omg! i can't wait for your shots! i love s100 kaso hindi pa kaya ng bulsa ko..

    1. hahaha! :) ipon ka maigi, super ganda nitong cam na in worth every peso! ;)

      you can visit my facebook personal account, i have posted 3 practice shots there using this camera.. ^_^

      Thank you for visiting my blog.. Godbless! <3

    2. by the way ms. mel, where did bought your s100? thanks

    3. Hi Charmaigne! ^_^
      I bought it online.. :)
      do email me para ma-send ko sayo ung link ng shop, or PM me on facebook.. :)



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