Friday, August 10, 2012

All about Makeup Brush!!! ♥♥♥

Hello my lovelies!!! :)

I'm officially back!!! yey! ^_^

I decided to make a collective haul and review on my makeup brushes, which I have been collecting..

As you can remember, I have reviewed 3 brush sets already..

(1) Cerro Qreen 7pc Brush Set which is the first set I ever bought

(2) Real Techniques Core Collection
(3) ELF Studio 11pc Brush Collection

So, last month of July, I acquired more brushes! *woot woot*
2 brush sets and a retractable brush (my first).. ^_^ here's a photo..

*sorry if its a bit blurry, I used my broken camera and all photos taken are blurry..* 
Anyway, I got two Beauty Cosmetics Brush Set, the (1) 12pc Synthetic Pink set and (2) 20pc PRO brush set.. both sets have super soft brushes.. *review soon...*
And the one at the middle is the new CHARM retractable Flat Top Brush..which I have been using & taking with me everyday!

The latest brush set I got is from Models Own, the 5pc neon brush set..
You might be thinking, "Neon?? what do you mean neon?".. hah! stay tuned for that.. hehe.. ☺

That's it for now! :)
hoping and praying that by next week I will have a new camera! yay!!! ☺

Take care & Godbless!

Smile always and Stay Beautiful


  1. OMG!! these are so pretty!! I totally love pink!! ;))

    1. i do too! :) but after a week ata or two, nagkaroon ng Black version yung Pink, which I prefer, sayang.. hehe..
      Anyway, the brushes are super soft! as in! hehe..

  2. sis ini merk apa brushnya? belinya dmn? thx


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