Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I won! I won! ♥♥♥

This may seem so weird with my ongoing giveaway, but..

I won on a giveaway!!!! haha!!! ♥

Yes, you read that right, I won! well not on my giveaway but on someone else's, haha! you know what I mean..
This win is so funny because, first, I know my chances of winning is very low, second, I really want to win the prize but I am expecting not to win but joined anyway & thought of it positively..

So, this is how it all started...

There's this online shop named GetSophisticated OnlineShop on Facebook who sells cosmetics straight from US, and also sells unbranded make up palettes which are super similar to Coastal Scents, BH Cosmetics, etc..
I have bought a bunch of those palettes from her along with other make up brands like EOS.

Here are some of the palettes that I'm talking about.. :)

L-R: 88pc Shimmer Palette, 88pc Marble Palette
Last April 28, 2012, Shirlina announced that she is going to giveaway a Too Faced To-Go Palette Dream Edition.
All we need to do is to like & share her post/photo...obviously, I joined.. hehe.. :)
here's the photo..

Look at my comment!!!!
haha! it was like I foresaw that I'm going to win!!! hahaha!
Anyway, it was supposed to run until May 22, 2012 only but got extended, and I almost forgot about it to be honest.. haha!

Then, last night,

I literally crossed my fingers!!! hahaha! and still didn't expect to win.. but then, after a few seconds after my comment...


***my jaw dropped***

***i fell off my seat***

***jumped up & down***

***screamed so loud***

***danced, jumped up & down again***

***woke everyone with my yelps***

***almost died***

***revived by the prize***

hahahahaha! I'm sorry but those really happened & my reactions!!! hahaha!
Being this my first win ever, I cannot describe this feeling....its like winning Miss Universe, or not!!! hahaha! :P

I am so excited to receive my prize! Yay! That will be my first ever, and maybe the only, Too Faced cosmetics I will own!!! :)

Shirlina told me, she will be shipping my prize today.. ***kilig to the bones***

And so, all I need to do now is WAIT.. ^_^ hehe..

Thank you for your time reading my babbles.. I hope you can forgive all this.. haha! ♥♥♥

And don't you forget to enter MY giveaway HERE.

Think positively about everything my lovelies! Godbless!

Smile always & Stay beautiful


  1. Congratulations!!


    1. hehe.. thank you dear! :)
      check out my giveaway if you havent still.. ^_^ ♥

  2. Replies
    1. hehehe.. ^_^
      I'm hesitant to touch the palette actually.. hahaha! :P
      super cute kasi I rarely use it.. :)



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