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Models Own Hyperbrite Lipsticks

Keeping the namesake, this is straight off the runway! Available in four fabulous Hyper-Brite shades and a vanilla-berry scent, these lipsticks will create the perfect colorful pout. ---Models Own 

I have been wanting to have a one of these lipsticks for such a long time because I am intrigued & curious about it, but my budget won't allow.....haha! **poor me**

The first online store I saw, sells these for like PHP450.00 each. Waayyyy too expensive for my liking. Though I really want one, I restricted myself on buying lipsticks that are over PHP300, haha! and so I just stare at it and just browse & wished that someone would give me one of these or hoping that these would go on sale or something. But no luck! :(

Just when I thought all hopes on having these are gone..

Ms. Avi of MakeupStash had a one-day sale. I luckily browsed her album, and guess what? I saw Models Own Hyperbrite on SALE!!! Hah! I almost fell off my seat when I saw she's only selling it for PHP199.00 each! Hah! The thing is, its limited, 3pcs per shade.
More than 50% less than the first one I saw!
So what else did you think I did? haha! I commented mine on all, well almost all, sadly I was too late for the red one. But I didn't gave up though, I texted Avi if she still have one more of that red to spare, and if she can sell it to me. And she said YES!!! *evil laugh*
I'm the happiest girl that time.. **OA na kung OA! haha!**

And so, after paying, the parcel finally arrived at our house last May 28.☻

Now for the REVIEW..


  • Two of these lipstick's has a damaged tip when it arrived. *look at the photo above, two have smudged the top & its still sealed.* Anyway, its fine with me, I understand the risk of shipping. And the damage is just a teeny-tiny bit. ☺
  • The packaging caught my attention. I didn't expect it to be so chic, elegant and very unique. But I was afraid that because it has this glass-like packaging that it may break easily, but girl! I was wrong! It actually has the sturdiest packaging I've seen.
  • It has this vanilla-berry scent. But my boyfriend compared it to Skittles candies, if you're familiar with that. Well, he was right! haha! :P The smell is very sweet yet it is not bothering at all.

The first one in line is Flaming Red, a bright cherry-red shade.

second shade is called Orangeade. This is the orange-est lipstick I've seen! No color undertones or whatsoever just ORANGE!!! ☻

next one is called Pink Hawaiian. A reddish-pink shade.

the last color is Annalise's Pink. The brightest of 'em all! ^_^ a neon-hot pink shade which reminds me of Barbie! ♥

At first glance, I am definitely drawn to Annalise's Pink, it has this perfect barbie-ish color that I love!

Here's some swatches in different lighting..

The name says Hyper-Brite! Well, they are not kidding, these colors really are bright on the lips!!!
It is really pigmented, but to get its shade you need to swipe it on your lips 3-4 times, for that really bright color, and/or swipe it once or twice for that sheer cover. :)
At first I was kind of lost because it says "Matt" i don't know what was that suppose to mean for I thought this is not matte because when I applied it, it has this slight sheen to it.
after a minute or so, it actually mattified! My boyfriend's even surprise how matte it is!
I can even compare its finish to NYX's Matte Lipstick.

Some bloggers say its not matte, some say it is.
I say, its matte.☺

Another thing about these babies, these are quite long wearing!
After I apply 3-4 swipes of Annalise's Pink on my bare lips at 7am, and it actually mattified mind you, after I ate lunch the color just lightened a bit, I didn't retouch or anything, almost 10hours have passed since the application, the color's still visible on my lips, but it only looks like a stain. Which is very impressive.

Here are photos of moi....

L-R: Flaming Red, Orangeade, Pink Hawaiian, Annalise's Pink
Look how vibrant the colors are!!! agh!! LOVE!!! ♥

I am really really in love with these lipsticks!
These are the ones that I'm using ever since I got these!
The colors may look, slightly intimidating, but these are definitely wearable.


  • Packaging is very durable.
  • Delectable scent that is not over whelming.
  • Pigmentation is good.
  • Long wearing.
  • Not drying on lips.
  • Striking colors.
  • lots of online beauty shops are selling these now. (try MakeupStash, link given above.)

  • Only available in 4 shades.
  • A little too expensive for those who have tight budget like me if not on sale.. teehee!
  • 9/10


  • These are worth buying & worth every peso! ☺ I will definitely buy more of these if I can.. ☺ I would really recommend these for all of you kikay girls out there! ♥

That's it!!! ☺

I hope you enjoyed reading this & hopefully this post gave you an idea about this product.

Oh! Don't forget to enter my giveaway HERE.

'Til next time my lovelies!!!

Smile always & Stay beautiful


  1. Very nice review ms. Melda.
    Much Love,

    1. thank you! :) so glad you liked my review!
      more love to you too ABI.. ♥

    2. BTW. thanks for sharing the Bidfromzero page. I also got addicted din. So happy. :D

    3. oohhh!!! haha! ☺ you're welcome! hahaha! and oh! welcome to the "addicted-to-bidding" club.. teehee.. ♥

  2. love this review, so detailed & helpful, definitely adding one of these lipsticks to my shopping list! xx

  3. great review!!! and wow you bought all shades!!! i hope they'll have another sale soon <3


    1. Thank you! ☺ i hope so too! hehe.. i wanna buy some regular MO lippies to compare.. ☺

  4. Replies
    1. i love 'em too.. :)
      thanks for dropping by.. xoxo



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