Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Beauty UK Lipsticks

I'm a lipstick junkie!!!
I am not ashamed of it..

I have discovered this brand Beauty UK, early this year, and the first products I got from the said brand are

A few weeks ago, I got the chance to get my hands on their lipsticks.

Here they are..

These lipstick has that minty scent which is very pleasant and not overwhelming at all!
AND!!! There's a slight cooling sensation on the lips when applied!

I got 4 shades. From Red to Pink to Neutral color..

Beauty UK Lipstick in Tango.

  • It is a brown lipstick with gold shimmers, almost glittery.

Beauty UK Lipstick in Sunset.

  • a beautiful orangy-red lipstick. Very cool toned. With multi-colored shimmers/glitters.

Beauty UK Lipstick in Passion.

  • striking hot pink, almost leans towards red. (the photo shows that its a pretty pink shade, but it's actually darker.)

Beauty UK Lipstick in Chelsea.
  • a beige-nude color. Really pale.

What intrigued me about these lippies, is that, on the cover, that colored thingy (haha! sorry) you can actually take that off, and on that is a hidden gloss, not actually hidden but you know what I mean.. Haha!
Yes, that's a gloss!!! Interesting right?

NYX Round lipsticks actually has almost the same packaging but the NYX ones are not gloss but just a colored rubber/silicone.
BUT!!! Some NYX product do have glosses on their cap!!! Yes they do!!!
(I'll talk about that on the next post though..haha!)

So, here's what the gloss looks like.
Obviously, you're going to need a lipbrush to get the product, but you can always use your fingers.. *wink*

Here are some swatches..

The thing is, when I apply it on my lips, yes it glides smoothly, but my lips felt really uncomfortable with these lipsticks. Especially with the Tango & Sunset, the ones with shimmers/glitters.

I don't know, the consistency of that two does not appeal to me. :(

The other two, on the other hand, felt really smooth & silky on the lips.


  • I'm afraid its a 6/10 for me.. :( It's not a total fail, but not impressive either.
  • Another thing is that, it is not true to color, especially CHELSEA, it is too light and pale when applied.
  • Packaging wise, it's OK. It's not the sturdiest lipstick packaging that I own but it's definitely sturdier than the NYX Round Lipsticks.

  • No, I don't think so.. :(

If you are interested with these lipsticks though, you can visit
The Makeup Suite on Facebook.
and also follow Anna's blog, owner of The Makeup Suite.
She's just starting in the world of blogging but she writes & photographs well..

That's it!
Hope this post gave you some ideas on the said product.
I hope you enjoyed it! ^_^
'Til next time my lovelies!!!

Smile always and Stay beautiful


  1. Hi Melda! It's Kim. :) *blog-hopping*

    I remember I have 1 Beauty UK Lipstick - Sunset and I totally forgot to use it. haha Nice swatches!

    1. Hi Kim!!!
      Thanks for dropping by! Yiee! Kinilig naman ako!! hihi.. :)

      Thank you! ^_^


  2. Hmmm.. Looks promising!:) I saw you on Kim's blog!:) Followed your blog!:) Hope you could drop by my blog too!:) xx


    1. Hi there!!! :)
      thank you for following my blog.. :)
      Yes, I love visiting/following other blogs.. thanks again!


  3. Wow! I love the chelsea!! SO beautiful.

    new follower here. Please do visit and follow my blog too

    1. Yes its really beautiful but too pale for my liking..but beautiful non the less..hehe..

      Thank you so much for following my blog, its very much appreciated!

      will visit & follow your blog.. ^_^


  4. The colors looked vibrant! Anyhoo, i nominated you on the Liebster Awards. here's the link

    1. hi Gellie.. Thank you for drooping by.. ^_^
      and thank you so very much for the nomination.. :)
      it's a first, so im very excited! ^_^


  5. Cool Lipsticks ^_^

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  6. Hi! I nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award!

    Check it out here @

  7. I bought this in chelsea and love it. I had nooo idea the end part was a balm!! Thanks for pointi that out x


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