Saturday, March 3, 2012

what to expect from MMMe???

The following are some of the subjects, mostly the subjects, that I will be writing about in the future... <3

some of my books
  • BOOKS...It was year 2009 when I really started collecting books, I don't know how many I have now, i haven't counted yet..haha. I am a bookworm, I can read a Trilogy in a week, or less, if I want to.. :) But I mostly read Young Adult(YA) & Children books. haha! Anyway, I will soon be posting some book reviews. ^_^

  • Nails... :D
    Since High School, I love taking care of my nails & nail polishes. :)
    I used to change my nail polish on a daily basis..haha! Now, I keep my nail polish for as long as it doesn't chip.. :) Last Dec.2011, I started collecting NYX nail polishes. 
    I now have 20 pieces or so.. Will blog about my nail polishes soon.. ^_^
  • Make-ups!!!
    I started buying drugstore cosmetics, then I started buying online and now, I am obsessed with make up!!! haha! I will try to make product reviews, and maybe blog about my favorite makeup looks.hehe..
    Anyway, I use local & international brands. ^_^
  • ONLINE Shopping.
    Most of my kikay stuffs are bought online. So, I will be sharing with you my favorite & trusted online sellers.
  • Food & Restaurants/Cafe.
    I love cooking & eating. :)
    I will blog about my favorite restos & cafes, and maybe some of my recipes.. ^_^
  • Important events of my life.. :)
    I will share some of my life events and whatnot! :D ^_^

feel free to follow me.. Keep smiling! Stay beautiful! <3 <3 <3 


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