Saturday, March 3, 2012

this is how it all begun..... :D

I've always been fascinated by bloggers.
Years ago, I started a blog but never published it and never pursued it. :(
A friend of mine, Alyssa ( started her blog & my interest in blogging came back, but still not enough reason for me to start a blog. A lot of my friends started asking me about the things I love (books, makeup, nail polishes, coffee, etc.), I am very eager to answer them, I stick to Facebook-posting, status updates but it all felt lacking.
Then my boyfriend asked me why don't I start to blog? then BAM!!! :D

I will be blogging mostly about Make-Ups, Nails, Skin Care, Books and a lot more! :D <3

some of my nail polishes & make-ups


  1. Wow! Cool!!!! I was pleased to read your blog! guess me who??? my alias- saydword

    1. oh! Thank you! I am so glad you liked my blog.. ^_^ thanks again!


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